Certificate of Origin Discrepancies

On this page you can find most common discrepancies under a certificate of origin. 

Important Definitions Regarding the Certificate of Origin under Latest Letter of Credit Rules:

  • According to UCP 600 latest letter of credit rules and international standard banking practices a certificate of origin should be issued by the company specified in the letter of credit.
  • When a letter of credit does not state the name of an issuer of the certificate of origin, any institution could issue a certificate of origin.
  • When a credit requires the presentation of a certificate of origin, this will be satisfied by the presentation of a signed document that appears to relate to the invoiced goods and certifies their origin.
  • When a letter of credit demands the presentation of a specific form of certificate of origin such as a EUR1, ATR or GSP Form A, only a document in that specific form is to be presented. For example if credit calls for a EUR1, beneficiary can not present an ordinary certificate of origin issued by the chamber of commerce.
  • Consignee information, when shown, is not to conflict with the consignee information in the transport document. However, when a credit requires a transport document to be issued “to order”, “to the order of shipper”, “to order of issuing bank”, “to order of nominated bank (or negotiating bank)” or “consigned to issuing bank”, a certificate of origin may show the consignee as any entity named in the credit except the beneficiary. 
  • When a credit has been transferred, the first beneficiary may be stated to be the consignee.
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Certificate of Origin is an official document. Although certificates of origin could be issued by exporters, in most cases importers require certificates of origion to be issued either by the chambers of commerce (Ordinary Certificates of Origin) or custom aouthorities (Preferential Certificates of Origin).  Letter of credit rules allow presentation of all types of certificates of origin.
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Certificate of Origin Discrepancies