How to prepare 2014 CDCS examination?
Understanding CDCS (Certified Documentary Credit Specialist).

Question 1: This question comes from Siddharth, India. Please advice where can I get different case studies to prepare for my Apr 2014 CDCS examination, please advice if sample test paper can be brought separately.

Question 2: This question comes from Sunil, India. I want to do CDCS course, request to please guide me. I am working in an export import documentation department of a company in India to provide logistics services to our clients. Along with logistics services we will prepare export documentation as requested by LC.

Answer 1: You should prepare CDCS examination by yourself. Once you are registered to the examination, IFS University College supplies you exam preparation materials. These exam preparation materials can be classified under two groups:

  1. Study Text Book: This is the main study material for the CDCS exam preparation. This book covers all subjects of CDCS examination and it is labeled as “The Guide to Documentary Credits" which is written by Gary Collyer.
  2. Online Material: Once you are registered to the CDCS examination Ifs School of Finance supplies you a password with which you can reach their online resources. On their website you can find one sample CDCS examination. 

Answer 2: I can suggest you Coastline Solutions online CDCS courses. Actually they are not intended for exam preparation but you can take them before examination as well. The good thing with Coastline Solutions courses is that if you will take them after you received the CDCS certificate you can earn PDUs. Coastline Solutions online trainings cover below topics: 

  • UCP 600 Training
  • ISBP 745 Training
  • URC 522 Training
  • URDG 758 Training
  • ISP98 Training
  • URBPO 750 Online Training
  • Incoterms® 2010 Online training
  • ICC Opinions
  • DC Insight
  • ICC Court of Arbitration

You can reach Coastline Solutions all online trainings from this link: http://www.coastlinesolutions.com/products.htm 

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How to prepare 2014 CDCS examination?

You are expected to study CDCS examination by yourself. Preparation for the CDCS examination usually takes six months. You can find detailed information on this page that explaning how to prepare CDCS examination.
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