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How to add confirmation to a letter of credit?

Confirmation gives additional payment guarantee to the exporters. On this page you can find letter of credit confirmation process which is explained with the help of a graphic illustration.
How to handle a letter of credit which contains a Joker Clause?
You can learn what joker clause means in a letter of credit transaction and why it is a source of problem for the beneficiaries. You can also understand how to remove it from your credits. 
How to determine date of shipment on an Air Transport Document?

Date of shipment can be determined in two ways on a Air Transport Document.
How to determine date of shipment on a Bill of Lading? 

Date of shipment can be determined in two ways on a bill of lading. In the first scenario we will face a situation where bill of lading does not contain any date of shipped on board notation. In the second scenario we will be having a bill of lading which contains a dated shipped on board notation.
How Forfaiting Works; understanding what forfaiting is and how it works

Forfaiting means the discount of future payment obligations on a without recourse basis, in other words, forfaiting is discounting of trade‐related receivables secured with trade finance instruments such as bills of exchange, promissionary notes or deferred payment letter of credit. 
How to determine maturity date if L/C states that tenor of the L/C is 60 days after B/L issue date?

A letter of credit has been issued by an international bank’s branch in France states that the documentary credit is available by drafts payable at 60 days after bill of lading issue date.
How to Check a Letter of Credit

These web pages offer you more than a simple letter of credit check list. You can find explanations, points of consideration and reference links for further learning.  
How does an import letter of credit work in international trade transactions?

On this page I will try to explain you import letter of credit process in a very simple way. After reading this article you should understand the working mechanism of an import letter of credit in general terms. 
How to open a letter of credit?
We discuss how to open a letter of credit on this page in detail. Also you can find related terms in regards to letter of credit application process such as letter of credit application form, draft lc, mt 700 issue of a documentary credit swift message.
Bank in Letters of Credit:
Banks play a key role in letters of credit transactions. They start and end the L/C operations. Without banks we cannot talk about any L/C transactions.
How to deal with high banking commissions under letters of credit as an exporter?

No matter how many advantages letters of credit have they have one big disadvantage. They are expensive. As a result you should understand your costs before finalizing a letter of credit deal.