Inspection Certificate

On this page you can find most common discrepancies under an inspection certificates. 

Important Definitions Regarding the Inspection Certificates under Latest Letter of Credit Rules:

  • When a credit requires the presentation of an inspection certificate, this will be satisfied by the presentation of a signed document titled as inspection certificate, or bearing a similar title or even untitled, which fulfils its function by certifying the result of the indicated action, for example, the results of the inspection.
  • When a credit requires the presentation of a pre-shipment inspection certificate, which relates to an action required to take place on or prior to the date of shipment, the certificate must indicate:
                 a. an issuance date of the certificate is no later than the date of shipment; or
                 b. stating that the inspection of goods took place prior to, or on the date of shipment, 
                 c. the exact title of the required certificate, such as, “Pre‐shipment Inspection Certificate”.
  • An inspaction certificate should be issued by the institution stated in the credit.
  • When a letter of credit does not state the title of an issuer, any institution including the beneficiary could issue the inspection certificate.
  • When a letter of credit indicates specific requirements with respect to inspection, the data regarding the inspection mentioned on the inspection certificate should comply with those requirements.

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Inspection Certificate Discrepancies 

  • Inspection Certificate Not issued and Signed by the Party Required by the Letter of Credit
  • Total Quantity Indicated on the Certificate of Inspection is not in Accordance with the Bill of Lading and Certificate of Origin
  • Inspection Certificate Is not Dated within the Timeline Required by the Documentary Credit
  • Inspection Certificate Identifies Different Goods Inspected Inconsistent with Those Described by Commercial Invoices
  • Inspection Certificate Indicates That Goods Do not Comply with the specifications
  • Inspection Certificate Indicates That Packing is not as per L/C.
  • Preshipment Inspection Certificate Shows Date of Inspection a Later Date Than Date of Shipment