Why Letter of Credit Consultancy
Today's global competitive environment put pressure on to the companies profit margins in an increasing intensity. In addition, recent financial crisis negatively affect the credibility of the foreign trade companies.

Benefits of Letters of Credit : 
  • Letters of credit creates a reliable environment for both of the parties as LC process is executed by independent institutions, namely by banks.
  • Exporters know just from the beginning of the LC process that they will be paid exact due amount without any delay as long as they comply letter of credit conditions.
  • Importers know that banks will not be paying to the exporters if they fail to meet the letter of credit conditions.
  • Letters of credit can create financial advantages for importers and exporters.
Using Letters of Credit ? 
Majority of the international trade companies especially SME could not be benefited from these advantages as Letter of Credit is one of the most complex field in foreign trade and unfortunately not every company could hire a LC expert to deal with LCs professionally. 
Have you ever come to the conclusion of not using Letter of Credit in your business one of the reasons below.
  • No clear idea how LCs work
  • Lack of professional staff to handle LCs 
  • Rejection of your documents by banks probably multiple times
  • Discrepancies that have been found on your documents can not be fixed for timely presentation 
  • Discrepancy fees arising from the incorrect documentation
  • The fear of not getting paid at all due to discrepant documents

Letters of Credit Consultancy :
Letters of Credit Consultancy Services has been founded by Certified Documentary Credit Specialist (CDCS) Ozgur EKER in order to help export and import companies to use letters of credit more effectively. Supply  best LC expertise available to international trade companies especially SME with unbelievable competitive prices.

Your job will only be handled by a person, who has the internationally recognized certificate that is also approved by ICC, working solely on this subject professionally and constantly following latest developments on the letter of credit world.

Our Prices :
We have a very considerable price policy. There are some factors behind our decision to keep our prices in these rates. Firstly, every commercial letter of credit expected to have unique characteristics because they are based on a sales contract which contains spesific conditions arranged between exporter and importer for that given transaction.  As a result every letter of credit should be handled according to its own conditions. Secondly, we would like to work with small and medium size companies that normally have couple of L/C transactions per month. We know that these companies will be benefited from our services only if we offer them cost efficient prices. Please contact us for our current consultancy prices.
letterofcredit.biz is your gateway to International Trade Finance World designed & developed by a Certified Documentary Credit Specialist.
No company can risk loosing its hard earned capital in an international trade transaction especially when profits are tighten and company credibilities are doubtful this much. These are only two of the factors that increase the importance of the letters of credit in international trade as a secure payment method for both exporters and importers.
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