Understanding how many originals and copies of a document requested under a letter of credit

Letters of credit a have special jargon. If you are not familiar with L/C language, you may not be able to understand what letter of credit is telling to you.

Sample Texts 

  • Packing list in triplicate
  • Beneficiary's signed commercial invoıce{s) in triplicate, original of which must be certifıed by the chamber of commerce.
  • Certificate of origin in duplicate evidencing country of goods origin.
  • Beneficiarys manually signed commercial invoice in quintuplicate certified by the chamber of commerce and/or industry or equıvalent authority of the exporting /beneficiary country.
  • Signed and stamped with company's seal commercial invoice in quadruplicate mentioning: a. name and address of the manufacturers/producers, b. relevant harmonized commodity code number(s) applicable to the products shipped under this credit, and certifying that: c. country of origin, d. all cartons and each items are marked with the words made in e. country of origin is printed/stitched on each item.

Letter of Credit Rules:

  • If a credit requires presentation of multiple documents by using terms such as "in duplicate", "in two fold" or "in two copies", this will be satisfied by the presentation of at least one original and the remaining number in copies, except when the document itself indicates otherwise.


  • "Packing list in triplicate" means that beneficiary could present 3 originals of packing lists or at least one original packing list and remeaning with copies.
  • "Certificate of origin in duplicate evidencing country of goods origin" means that beneficiary could present 2 originals of certificates of origin or one original and one copy of certificates of origin.

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What does duplicate, triplicate, quadruplicate, quintuplicate etc. mean?
  • Issuing banks frequently states required document amounts not explicitly, but with a special letter of credit jargon. Today I will be explaining the meaning of one of the most frequently used L/C terms.

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