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Ozgur Eker (CDCS)

Hello. My name is Ozgur Eker. Since 2009, I am a professional and independent letter of credit consultant from Izmir, Turkey. I have a bachelor's degree in business administration and master's degree in international trade and finance; awarded with CDCS (Certified Documentary Credit Specialist) two times between (2010-2013) and (2013-2016).
commercial invoice short shipment discrepancy

Short Shipment Discrepancy

Partial shipment can be defined as shipping the goods not whole at once, but in smaller consignment(s). Partial Shipment Examples: Let us assume that letter...
commercial invoice discrepancy issuer of the document

Commercial Invoice Not Issued by the Beneficiary Discrepancy

A commercial invoice is a trade document, which is generally prepared during the shipment stage. A commercial invoice is a required document for the export...
commercial invoice disrepancy

Commercial Invoice Shows Merchandise Not Called For Discrepancy

A commercial invoice should not indicate goods, services or performance not called for in the credit. As per letter of credit rules and international standard...
proforma invoice discrepancy

Proforma Invoice Presented Instead of a Commercial Invoice Discrepancy

A proforma invoice is a commercial document, usually prepared during the negotiation stage of the order. A proforma invoice is a quote in an invoice...
description of goods discrepancy commercial invoice

Description of Goods Discrepancy

According to the letter of credit rules and international standard banking practices, the description of the goods, services or performance shown on the commercial...
incoterms discrepancy

Incoterms Discrepancy

The Incoterms are a standard set of trade terms used worldwide mostly in international trade. It is also possible to use them in domestic contracts of sale. The...
bill of lading discrepancies

Bill of Lading Discrepancies

On this post, you can find most common bill of lading discrepancy examples. Discrepancy can be defined as an error or defect, according to the...
intended vessel discrepancy

Intended Vessel Discrepancy

There are two main types of bills of lading available on the market, in terms of shipment notations: “Received for shipment...” bill of lading...
costs additional to freight

Costs Additional to Freight Discrepancy

Letter of credit rules allow transport documents to show costs additional to freight. However, some banks especially in certain countries, prohibit costs additional to freight...
carrier not identified discrepancy

Carrier Not Identified and Bill of Lading Not Signed As Per UCP 600 Discrepancy

Bill of lading is a very important transport document, because it is suppose to evidence of contract of carriage, a receipt of goods by...
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