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Top 10 Letter of Credit Discrepancies

Discrepancy can be defined as an error or defect, according to the issuing bank, in the presented documents compared to the documentary credit, the...
bill of lading discrepancies

Bill of Lading Discrepancies

On this post, you can find most common bill of lading discrepancy examples. Discrepancy can be defined as an error or defect, according to the...
intended vessel discrepancy

Intended Vessel Discrepancy

There are two main types of bills of lading available on the market, in terms of shipment notations: “Received for shipment...” bill of lading...
costs additional to freight

Costs Additional to Freight Discrepancy

Letter of credit rules allow transport documents to show costs additional to freight. However, some banks especially in certain countries, prohibit costs additional to freight...
carrier not identified discrepancy

Carrier Not Identified and Bill of Lading Not Signed As Per UCP 600 Discrepancy

Bill of lading is a very important transport document, because it is suppose to evidence of contract of carriage, a receipt of goods by...
unclean bill of lading discrepancy

Unclean Bill of Lading Discrepancy

A clean bill of lading is a type of transport document, which bears no clause or notation, which expressly declares a defective condition of...
partial shipment discrepancy

Partial Shipment Discrepancy

The importer and exporter should determine, when signing the sales contract, to allow or prohibit partial shipments. Partial shipment can be defined as shipping the...
gross weight discrepancy

Gross Weight is Different on Documents Discrepancy

In a letter of credit transaction, the gross weight must show the same value on all presented documents. As an example, the gross weight on...
late shipment discrepancy

Late Shipment Discrepancy

Documentary credits often include a "latest date of shipment". Latest date of shipment is one of the most important definitions in commercial documentary credits. As...
port of discharge discrepancy

Port of Discharge Different Than Letter of Credit Discrepancy

A bill of lading is a generic term for a transport document, that covers transport by sea from a port of loading to a...
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