URC 522 - ICC Uniform Rules for Collections

ICC Uniform Rules for Collections URC 522 is the title of the book that is published by ICC to govern the documentary collection ( cash against document, CAD) payments. URC 522 consists of 32 pages in total. Full details of URC 522 for ordering considerations is as follows : ICC Uniform Rules for Collections URC 522 ICC Publication No. 522, 1995 Edition. URC 522 is in force as of January 1, 1996. 

What is the content of the UCR 522?

A. General Provisions and Definitions     
    Application of URC 522     
    Definition of Collection     
    Parties to a Collection         
B. Form and Structure of Collections     
    Collection Instruction      
C. Form of Presentation     
    Sight / Acceptance     
    Release of Commercial Documents     
    Documents Against Acceptance (D/A)     
    vs. Documents Against Payment (D/P)     
    Creation of Documents          
D. Liabilities and Responsibilities     
    Good Faith and Reasonable Care     
    Documents vs. Goods / Services Performances     
    Disclaimer for Acts of an Instructed Party     
    Disclaimer on Documents Received     
    Disclaimer on Effectiveness of Documents     
    Disclaimer on Delays, Loss in Transit and Translation     
    Force Majeure            
E. Payment     
    Payment Without Delay     
    Payment in Local Currency     
    Payment in Foreign Currency     
    Partial Payments           
F. Interest, Charges and Expenses     
    Charges and Expenses             
G. Other Provisions     
    Promissory Notes and other Instruments     
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What is URC 522? 
Detailed information related to documentary collection rules or cash against document rules can be found on this page. Some topics are URC 522 - ICC Uniform Rules for Collections, where to buy URC 522 and content of the URC 522.

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URC 522 - ICC Uniform Rules for Collections
Where to buy URC 522?

URC 522 is both available by e-book format and hard copy. It is sold under online ICC Bookstore. You can buy URC 522 from the following link :