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Economy of Brazil and International Trade at a Glance : 
  1. Gross domestic product of Brazil is $2,35 trillion US dollars in year 2012. This makes Brazilian economy 6th largest economy in the world after USA, China, Japan, Germany and France.  
  2. Brazil is the world's 21st biggest importer with 223,20 billion US dollars import volume in year 2012 and 23th biggest exporter with 242,60 billion US dollars export volume in year 2012.
  3. International trade has been playing a significant role on Brazilian economy but after comparing foreign trade stats with other big economies like Germany or Japan, we can conclude that export and import do not make enough contribution to gross domestic product of Brazilian economy.  
  4. Brazil economy experiencing trade surpluses for the last couple of years which means that annual Brazil exports are more than annual Brazil imports. 
  5. Brazil economy is the biggest force of the South American economy at the moment. 
  6. Main export products of Brazil : Brazil is the world´s largest exporter of soybean (41 percent of world´s exports) and of orange juice (55 percent of world´s exports) and accounts for 35 percent of global exports of raw cane and refined sugar. Other exports include: iron ore and concentrates (13 percent), oil (8 percent), raw sugar (4 percent) and coffee (2.4 percent).
  7. Main import products of Brazil : Raw materials and intermediate goods (45 percent of total exports), capital goods (22 percent), consumption durables (10 percent), oil (6 percent) and motor vehicles (4 percent).
  8. Biggest Export Partners of Brazil : China (17%), United States (11%), Argentina, Netherlands, Japan, Germany and India. 
  9. Biggest Import Partners of Brazil : China (15%), United States (14.6%) and Argentina (7%), Netherlands, Japan, Germany and India.

Biggest Banks in Brazil and their SWIFT Codes : 

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Bank Name
Assets (billion USD)
Swift Code(BIC)
Banco do Brasil
Itau Unibanco
Banco Bradesco
Caixa Economica Federal
Santander Brasil
HSBC Brasil S.A. - Banco Multiplo
Federal Presidential Republic
Gross domestic product, PPP
$2.356,00 billion
Real (R$) (BRL)
International Tel. Code