What is Field 39B: Maximum Credit Amount?
Field 39B: Maximum Credit Amount is a field in MT 700 swift message type that is used to further qualifies the documentary credit amount.


MT 700 
Field 39B: Maximum Credit Amount :
CODES : The following code must be used. NOT EXCEEDING Qualifies the documentary credit amount.

Note : Either field 39A or 39B, but not both, may be present.

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  • Field 39B: Maximum Credit Amount:

  • This field further qualifies the documentary credit amount.
  • A nominated bank acting on its nomination, a confirming bank, if any, or the issuing bank may accept a commercial invoice issued for an amount in excess of the amount permitted by the credit, and its decision will be binding upon all parties, provided the bank in question has not honoured or negotiated for an amount in excess of that permitted by the credit.
  • The amount in words must accurately reflect the amount in figures if both are shown, and indicate the currency, as stated in the credit.
  • The amount must agree with that of the invoice, unless as a result of UCP 600 sub-article 18(b).

Sample Field 39B: Maximum Credit Amount
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