What is Congenbill Bill of Lading?

Charter party is a contract of hire of a vessel or part of a vessel based on time or voyage. Charter party bill of lading is a transport document used in shipments made under charter party contracts. transportation.


Congenbill is a type of charter party bill of lading which is widely used in international transportation.

Congenbill 2007 is the latest version of standard charter party bill of lading which is issued and approved by the BIMCO’s Documentary Committee.

BIMCO is a well established international shipping association and its long form is also known as “The Baltic and International Maritime Council”.

Congenbill 2007

  • According to the UCP 600 rules a bill of lading which contains an indication that it is subject to a charter party will be classified as a charter party bill of lading. Congenbill 2007 Bill of Lading indicates on its face “To be used with charter parties”. This makes Congenbill 2007 a charter party bill of lading according to the letter of credit rules.
  • The Congenbill Charter Party Bill of Lading can be used wide range cargo that does not need special handling. Because of this reason it is one of the most popular Charter Party Bill of Lading (CPBL) in use.
  • Sample Congenbill 2007 bill of lading is reachable from this link.

There are other charter party bills of ladings that have been issued by BIMCO. These are specific charter party bills of lading suitable for limited niche charter party operations.

Some examples of specific charter party bills of lading issued by BIMCO:

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