Multimodal Bill of Lading Discrepancies

On this page you can find most common discrepancies under a multimodal bill of lading. 

Important Definitions Regarding the Multimodal Bill of Lading under Latest Letter of Credit Rules:

  • According to latest UCP 600 letter of credit rules a multimodal bill of lading should not bear any indication that it is subject to charter party
  • All original multimodal bills of lading printed by the carrier must be presented to the bank by the beneficiaries. 
  • It is hard to prevent a transhipment in a multimodal transportation as a result even letter of credit prohibits transhipment multimodal bill of lading can state ‘Transshipment may/will take place."
  • Multimodal bill of lading should be regarded as a negotiable transport document like a bill of lading if the last mode of shipment in the entire journey is completed by sea transportation.
  • More than one notify parties could be stated in a multimodal bill of lading.
  • ‘To Order’ or ‘To the order of shipper’ means that multimodal bill of lading should be endorsed by the shipper as per letter of credit instructions. 

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Multimodal bill of lading or combined transport bill of lading is a transport document. Article 19 of UCP 600 governs multimodal bills of lading. It is a transport document that covers at least two different modes of transport. It is used with door-to-door shipments where a single transport document utilized. Multimodal transport operators (MTO) play significant role on multimodal shipments
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