What is Field 46A: Documents Required?
Field 46A: Documents Required is a field in MT 700 swift message type that contains a description of any documents required.

MT 700 
Field 46A: Documents Required:
This field contains a description of any documents required.
  • When the ultimate date of issue of a transport document is specified, it is to be specified with the relative document in this field.
  • For credits subject to eUCP, the format in which electronic records are to be presented must be specified in this field.
  • To cater for lengthy documentary credits, up to three MT 701s may be sent in addition to an MT 700.
  • However, field 46a may appear in only one message, ie, either in the MT 700 or in one MT 701.
  • This means that in any documentary credit, there is a limit of 100 lines of 65 characters to specify the documents required.
  • The specification of each new item should begin on a new line, preceded by the sign '+'.

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  • Field 46A: Documents Required :

  • This field contains a description of any documents required.
  • According to current letter of credit rules banks deal with documents and not with goods, services or performance to which the documents may relate.
  • Presentation means either the delivery of documents under a credit to the issuing bank or nominated bank or the documents so delivered.
  • According to current letter of credit rules a nominated bank acting on its nomination, a confirming bank, if any, and the issuing bank must examine a presentation to determine, on the basis of the documents alone, whether or not the documents appear on their face to constitute a complying presentation.
Sample Field 46A: Documents Required
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