Sample Legalized Commercial Invoice

On this page, you can find a sample legalized commercial invoice, that has been used in letters of credit transactions.


On this page, I would like to share a legalized commercial invoice example.

The invoice was prepared in 2012 by one of Turkish manufacturer and exporter in accordance with the letter of credit, which was issued by a Yemen bank.

What does a legalized commercial invoice mean in international trade?

Legalization of a commercial document means the authentication of the signatures as seen on the document.

Once the signatures are authenticated, the document becomes legalized and could be used as a valid document in legal procedures.

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Front Side of the Legalized Invoice

legalized commercial invoice sample front side

You can see the commercial details of the transaction on the front page of the legalized invoice.

In addition to commercial details, you can see seller company’s signature and stamp at the bottom of the page.

Just above the seller’s signature, you can see chamber of commerce’s signature and stamp certifying that the goods are of Turkish origin.

Additionally, chamber of commerce approves that the seller’s signature on the commercial invoice is authentic and genuine.

Back Side of the Legalized Invoice

legalized commercial invoice sample back sideOn the rear side of the legalized invoice, you can see a chain of signatures and stamps belonging to different parties.

The first signature and stamp belongs to a Turkish governmental body which is located in the same province as the local chamber of commerce. This signature approves that the local chamber of commerce’s signature is authenticated.

The second signature and stamp belongs to Embassies and Consulate Generals of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Turkey. This signature proves that the previous signature is authentic.

Finally, you can see Yemen Embassy’s signature and stamp, which is legalizing the commercial invoice.