The Certificate of Finance in International Trade Cofit

The Certificate of Finance in International Trade is a certificate programme, which is developed by the University of Malta, International Factors Group (IFG) and FIMBank PLC.


Published on 01.January.2015 – Participants of this certificate programme should attend a four week long course at Malta University.

In 2015, two course sessions have been scheduled:

  • winter certificate session between 16 to 28 February 2015 and summer certificate session between 1 to 13 June 2015.

Participants must attend both sessions at Malta University in order to complete the certificate programme.

The Certificate of Finance in International Trade

The Certificate of Finance in International Trade has been jointly developed by the University of Malta, International Factors Group (IFG) and FIM Bank Plc in order to meet the demands of the commercial world and offer a platform from which participants can increase their understanding of all aspects of International Trade, Import/Export Business, Logistics and Finance of International Trade.

The main objective of the programme is to deliver a competitive, industry-focused educational programme that will provide the tools needed to achieve professional development goals in the finance of international trade.

The emphasis throughout will be on the practical aspect of real life international trade scenarios.

Benefits for the Participant

  • COFIT offers a unique learning experience in a truly international environment.
  • Successful students receive a University Certificate with 30 ECTS
  • It is the only university program focused on all aspects of Finance of International Trade
  • COFIT will help you understanding the interaction between different forms of finance available in international trade
  • It will provide you a core of essential knowledge to help build your career in International Trade
  • COFIT is hard work, but will also give you a network of new friends from all over the world

Programme Syllabus

The programme is built around 4 residential modules of 1 week each.

Module 1:The Global Environment for International Trade

  • Lecturers: Academics from the University of Malta
  • Topics will include: Introduction; Documentary Collections, Interpretation of Accounting Statements, International Trade Overview, Comparative Advantage and Ricardian Model, The Political Economy of Trade Policy / Developing Countries, Interpretation of Economic Statistics.

Module 2:Products and Practical Applications of Trade Finance

  • Lecturers: Experienced Practitioners from FIMBank
  • Topics will include: Financial Instruments supporting Trade finance, Trade Based Money Laundering and Financial Crime, Structured Commodity Finance, The Risks and Challenges of International Trade and Forfaiting.

Module 3:Tools and Techniques for International Trade Finance

  • Lecturers: Academics from the University of Malta
  • Topics will include: International Business Financing, Aspects of International Marketing for the Banking Industry, Developing Countries: Growth, Crises and Reform,International Business Financing, Islamic Finance and Emerging Markets.

Module 4:Commercial Finance

  • Lecturers: Experienced practitioners from IFG
  • Topics will include: Introduction to the different forms of Commercial Finance (Factoring, Invoice Discounting, Asset Based Lending, Reverse Factoring, Supply Chain Finance), Foundation skills in Marketing, Sales and Account Management in Commercial Finance, Risk Management, Fraud prevention, Legal Aspects in Commercial Finance.

For more information please download Cofit 2015 brochure from here.

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