Blank Back Bill of Lading Not Acceptable

What does "blank back bill of lading is not acceptable" means under a letter of credit transaction. Explanation with examples.


A Blank Back Bill of Lading, also known as Short Form Bill of Lading, is a type of transport document that does not include the terms and conditions of the shipment (contract of carriage) on the back side.

Short form bills of lading are not in high demand.

Especially under the letters of credit payments, issuing banks generally demand long form bills of lading, by simply prohibiting presentation of short form bills of lading.

Some examples are:

  • Short form, blank backed bill of lading not acceptable.
  • Short form, blank backed and freight forwarder bill of lading not acceptable
  • Short form, blank backed, claused stale bill of lading / air way bill not acceptable.
  • Short form, blank backed, charter party and through bills of lading is not acceptable.

What to Do If Letter of Credit Prohibits Presentation of Blank Back Bills of Lading

As an exporter you must examine Field 46A: Documents Required and Field 47A: Additional Conditions.

If you determine that the letter of credit prohibits presentation of blank back/short form bills of lading, you must make sure that the bill of lading you will present contains the terms and conditions of the shipment (contract of carriage) on the back side of the bill of lading.

It is advisable to discuss this issue with your freight forwarder before shipment takes place.