What are the top 10 discrepancies in letters of credit?
You can eliminating most of discrepancies in a letter of credit presentation if you will understand the top 10 discrepancies in letters of credit. 


Most common discrepancy 6 : Absence of Documents

  • You have to present exact number of documents as it is requested under the credit. For example, where the credit requires:
“Invoice”, “One Invoice” or “Invoice in 1 copy”, it will be understood to be a requirement for an original invoice.
“Invoice in 4 copies”, it will be satisfied by the presentation of at least one original and the remaining number as copies of an invoice.
“One copy of Invoice”, it will be satisfied by presentation of either a copy or an original of an invoice.
  • The number of originals to be presented must be at least the number required by the credit, the UCP 600, or, where the document itself states how many originals have been issued, the number stated on the document.

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