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Top 5 Discrepancies in a Commercial Invoice

Top 5 Discrepancies in a Commercial Invoice

Commercial invoice is one of the key documents in a letter of credit transaction. Almost all documentary credits, either commercial or standby, requesting a commercial invoice...
letter of credit calls for a wrong Incoterms

What Happens If a Letter of Credit Calls For a Wrong Incoterms?

Daily practice shows us that Incoterms are not used in a correct way as per ICC rules. Exporters and importers frequently use wrong incoterms in...

Top 10 Letter of Credit Discrepancies

Discrepancy can be defined as an error or defect, according to the issuing bank, in the presented documents compared to the documentary credit, the...
incoterms discrepancy

Incoterms Discrepancy

The Incoterms are a standard set of trade terms used worldwide mostly in international trade. It is also possible to use them in domestic contracts of sale. The...
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