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Presentation – Parties to the Letter of Credit

Presentation – Parties to the Letter of Credit

Issuing Bank Issuing Bank is the bank that issues a letter of credit at the request of an applicant or its own behalf. Letter...
banks in letters of credit

Banks in Letter of Credit

Banks play a key role in letters of credit transactions. They start and end the L/C operations. They also decide either refusal of the documents...
advising bank

Advising Bank

Advising Bank is the bank that advises the letter of credit to the beneficiary. Advising banks act upon the request of issuing banks. Generally, advising...
advising fee

Advising Fee

The act of informing the details of a credit or an amendment to the beneficiary is known as advising under documentary credit transactions. By advising...
parties to letter of credit

Parties to Letters of Credit

This page deals with the parties of the letter of credit. Main parties of a typical letter of credit transaction are applicant, beneficiary, issuing bank, confirming bank, nominated bank,...
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