What is field 20: Documentary Credit Number?
Field 20: Documentary Credit Number is a field in MT 700 swift message type that is used to indicate the letter of credit number. 


MT 700 
Field 20: Documentary Credit Number
This field must not start or end with a slash '/' and must not contain two consecutive slashes '//'.

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  • Field 20: Documentary Credit Number

  • This field specifies the documentary credit number which has been assigned by the Sender.
  • Issuing banks and confirming banks must understand that absense of letter of credit numbers on the documents is not a valid ground for a refusal. 
  • It should be pointed out that the request for insertion of letter of credit numbers is usually at the instigation of the issuing bank to facilitate the collation of documents when one or more go astray. 
  • The ICC has commented several times in the past that a refusal based on the absence of a L/C number on a document, where requested in the L/C, is not grounds for refusal.

Sample Field 20: Documentary Credit Number
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