CSDG Certification (Certificate for Specialists in Demand Guarantees)

By having a CSDG certificate you can prove your knowledge and application of the skills required for competent practice in demand guarantees subject of international trade finance. CSDG certificate is endorsed by ICC so it is recognized in a global scale. On this page you will find more information about CSDG certificate.
What topics does CSDG certificate cover?

CSDG will cover all of the key areas and aspects that demand guarantee specialists are expected to understand and practice. CSDG will develop students’ knowledge and expertise in the use of guarantees, industry rules, legislation and the challenges relating to demand guarantees and standby credits.

  • Demand guarantee - an overview, types, characteristics and uses, including standby credits
  • The industry rules, standards and guidelines that govern guarantees and standby letters of credit
  • The processes of demand guarantee transactions and standby credits
  • The parties to demand guarantee transactions and standby credits
  • Obligations of the parties to a demand guarantee and a standby letter of credit and the relationships between them
  • Risk issues, including types of risks, control and possible mitigations
  • Implications of breaching rules including money laundering and terrorist financing

Who can enter CSDG certificate examination? Are there any unexpected obstacles?
There are no entry requirements for CSDG certificate examination. Anyone can enter CSDG examination. But please keep in mind that CSDG is a relatively hard to pass examination. You have to prepare yourself to CSDG question formats in advance. Examination takes place in English language only. You have to read the questions very fast as time constraint is one of the biggest problems. Also IFS recommends that students have a minimum of three years of demand guarantee and standby documentary credit experience for their benefit.

What Is the CSDG® Examination Format?

Assessment for CSDG® consists of a 3 hour multiple-choice examination, designed to test knowledge and its application to practical situations. 

The content of the CSDG® examination is based on the results of a job analysis study that identified key responsibilities of a demand guarantee and documentary credit practitioner and areas of knowledge and skills required for competent practice. To earn the professional designation you are required to pass a three-hour examination that is designed to test your knowledge and its application to practical situations. The examination is based on an English study text. The examination most probably consists of multiple choice knowledge and application questions as well as sample in-baskets and simulations that test for analysis skills.

Which organizations make CSDG examinations?

How much does it cost to take CSDG examination?
  • CSDG examination which held by IFS School of Finance cost you around 530GBP. (650EUR)

*for exact and up-to-date cost please refer to above official website.

How to prepare CSDG examination?
You have to study by yourself to CSDG examination. Once registered a textbook is sent to every candidate by post. ICC announced that this text book will be "Guide to ICC Uniform Rules for Demand Guarantees (URDG 758)" written by Dr. Georges Affaki, Sir Roy Goode. This book will be your main textbook. Also you can enter ifschool's website with your password to reach online materials. Preparation for the examination usually takes six months with comprehensive learning materials provided.

What is the scope of the CSDG examination?

You can reach CDCS® examination learning outcomes and assessment criteria from this link.

How to apply for a CSDG certificate examination :

  • CSDG examination held by IFS School of Finance. You should apply for a cdcs certificate exam from their official website from official CSDG link above. 

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What is CSDG Certification (Certificate for Specialists in Demand Guarantees)? 
Certificate for Specialists in Demand Guarantees (CSDG) is a title in international trade finance.  You have to pass a written examination that takes three hours in order to be qualified as a CSDG. 

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