How to Buy UCP 600 Online?

How to buy official UCP 600, ISBP 2007 online and download e-book version of UCP 600 from the internet.


It is vital importance for each professional, who deals with letters of credit, to work with right sources and reference publications.

UCP 600 and ISBP 2013 are the only official rule books that govern commercial letter of credit transactions. They are published by ICC Banking Commission.

Standby letter of credit rules are known as ISP 98.

All other publications, even published by ICC, will not be regarded as an official letter of credit rules books.

I have just received a message from one of my followers. She would like to know more about UCP 600 and she wants to know where to buy UCP 600 from internet.

Here is her message:

Dear team from “Letter of”

I would like to first of all introduce myself as a person who is constantly looking for more information on letters of credit. I am always interested on those issues and for me, LC´s are very important tools in my work.

I always looked for UCP 600 rules on internet, but I just found some website with many commentaries. But Is there an neutral book just with the rules as they are? And where can I buy it?

In case this book is not on sale, where can I download it from internet?

Thanks a lot!


Dear Laura,

Please select your reference books from ICC publications, because the more you walk away from official ICC publications, the closer you get to the confusion.

For commercial letters of credit you should buy UCP 600 and ISBP 2013 as a reference books.

These two publications are the only official ICC publications that govern the letters of credit rules.

You can buy UCP 600 e-book version from this link : UCP 600 e-book and you can buy ISBP 2013 e-book version from this link : ISBP 2013 e-book

For standby letters of credit you should buy ISP 98. You can buy ISP 98 e-book version from this link : ISP 98 e-book

UCP 600 and ISP 98 are neutral rule books. ISBP 2013 is more like an explanation book of UCP 600 supported with examples.