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packing list and weight list

Packing List and Weight List

Packing list, is an international trade document, used to identify details of the shipment in terms of packaging. The packing list is a detailed listing...
letter of credit documents

Letter of Credit Documents

After reading this post, you should understand why documentation is very important under letters of credit. Additionally, most frequently used document links have been supplied...
packing list discrepancies

Packing List Discrepancies

Packing list is a commercial document, in broad perspective. It is a detailed listing of the contents of the shipment and acts as a supporting...
container number discepancy

Container Number not in Accordance with the Bill of Lading Discrepancy

Container number is a unique reference number assigned to a freight container so that the container can be traced and tracked by the government...
packing list discrepancy example related to gross weight

Packing List and Certificate of Origin Show Different Net Weight or Gross Weight Discrepancy

Packing list and certificate of origin are two important trade documents. The packing list is a detailed listing of the contents of the shipment and...

Description of Goods is in Conflict with Other Documents Discrepancy

The packing list is a trade document, which shows the contents of the shipment in detail and acts as a supporting document of the commercial...
gross weight discrepancy

Gross Weight is Different on Documents Discrepancy

In a letter of credit transaction, the gross weight must show the same value on all presented documents. As an example, the gross weight on...
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