Kenya Export Letter of Credit Consultancy

On this post you can find detailed information regarding one of our export letter of credit consultancy services.


Letter of Credit References:

We have completed our export letter of credit consultancy services with success in regards to a letter of credit which is issued by Standard Chartered Bank Kenya Limited on 20.December.2018.

The letter of credit number was 201010061093S. Letter of credit issued in English language.

Total letter of credit amount was EUR 57.605,67. The beneficiary shipped goods in a single shipment for full letter of credit amount. Partial shipment has not been utilized.

Documents have been accepted by the issuing bank on first presentation.

Documents Required:

Specific Conditions:

  • Nothing special in this letter of credit. Standard procedures have applied.

Our Work:

  • The exporter has supplied us the draft letter of credit.
  • We have checked the letter of credit and changed the delivery term from CFR to CPT and corrected port of loading field.
  • Once the letter of credit was issued, it was rechecked and approved by us.
  • The beneficiary had started to the production and made the shipment.
  • After the beneficiary supplied us the shipment details we have prepared the commercial invoice, packing list, weight list and draft (bill of exchange) .
  • We also completed the shipping instructions for the bill of lading document and filled out the draft version of certificate of origin.
  • After shipment, the beneficiary has sent us all of the documents for final evaluation.
  • The documents have been presented to the issuing bank through the advising bank located in beneficiary’s country.


  • Documents have been accepted by the issuing bank on first presentation.